Study in Canada


Canada gives great importance to learning and has managed to develop a first level education system with very high international standards by allocating a large part of its budget to education.

Additionally, the cost of tuition in Canadian institutions is a lot lower when you compare to other English speaking countries.

Studies in Canada and proficiency in a second language are well appreciated in the world of business, in government positions, and in academic circles around the world.

Moreover, studying in Canada is a great startpoint towards becoming a Permanent Resident in Canada.

Whether you plan to study in Canada to improve your resume, increasing your chances of employability in your home country with an international degree, or having it as a starting point to your final goal of immigrating to Canada, our team can help you find the best study program for you.

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What you can study in Canada:

  • English or French as a Second Language
  • University Pathway
  • Study and Work Programs
  • Study Programs Eligible for Post Graduate Work Permit (PGWP)
  • Study Programs for Minors

If your main goal is to master English or French as a second language, there's no better way than immersing yourself in the Canadian lifestyle while learning.

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Canada is considered a "Multicultural Society" and every nationality is welcome there.

If your plan is to enroll in a College or University program in Canada but you have not met the language requirements yet, the University Pathway program is the best start for you.

This type of course is offered by some education institutions in order to prepare you to enroll in their certificate, diploma, or degree-level education programs.

It also replaces the need for taking proficiency tests for admission.

Some colleges offer higher education for professional training programs. They usually last between 6 months to 2 years and might include a mandatory internship portion called Co-Op, allowing students to work full time during this period. Lets not forget that during the in-class part students can work part-time(up to 20 hours/week).

At the end of the program, you will have achieved either a Certificate, or a Diploma.

Keep in mind that even though private institutions offer great programs for a lower tuition fee, most of the time these programs are not eligible for the Post Graduation Work Permit (PGWP).

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Colleges and Universities offer a great variety of programs focused on professional or academic training. In addition to all options offered by colleges, the Canadian Universities also offer degree level programs, including Bachelors, Masters, and Doctorates degrees.

These programs range from 2 to 4 years in duration and they are a great option to everyone who plans to immigrate to Canada through their studies due to the fact that, in most cases, you are eligible for a Post Graduation Work Permit (PGWP) upon completion of studies.

Additionally, some provinces have their own education streams, allowing students to apply for Canadian Permanent Residency upon completing their study programs.

Here's a list of a few Provincial Nominee Programs (PNPs) that targets international graduates in Canada:

  • International Graduate Stream (British Columbia PNP);
  • Post-International Graduate Stream (British Columbia PNP);
  • International Student, Job Offer Stream (Ontario Immigration NP);
  • Masters Graduate Stream (Ontario Immigration NP);
  • Nova Scotia International Graduate Entrepreneur;
  • Manitoba International Education Stream;
  • PEI International Graduates;

Whatever your end goal is, we can point you in the right pathway of making the best out of your studies in Canada. Contact us today.

If your child wants to take a High School year in Canada, it will be a tremendous asset for their future.

They will not only be mastering a second language, but they will also benefit from learning the Canadian lifestyle and getting to know new cultures.

If you, the parent, are already in Canada on a Study or Work Permit, your child may qualify to study for free.

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