Study Programs Eligible for Post Graduate Work Permit (PGWP)

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Colleges and Universities offer a great variety of programs focused on professional or academic training. In addition to all options offered by colleges, the Canadian Universities also offer degree level programs, including Bachelors, Masters, and Doctorates degrees.

These programs range from 2 to 4 years in duration and they are a great option to everyone who plans to immigrate to Canada through their studies due to the fact that, in most cases, you are eligible for a Post Graduation Work Permit (PGWP) upon completion of studies.

Additionally, some provinces have their own education streams, allowing students to apply for Canadian Permanent Residency upon completing their study programs.

Here's a list of a few Provincial Nominee Programs (PNPs) that targets international graduates in Canada:

  • International Graduate Stream (British Columbia PNP);
  • Post-International Graduate Stream (British Columbia PNP);
  • International Student, Job Offer Stream (Ontario Immigration NP);
  • Masters Graduate Stream (Ontario Immigration NP);
  • Nova Scotia International Graduate Entrepreneur;
  • Manitoba International Education Stream;
  • PEI International Graduates;

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