Immigration Consultation


An immigration consultation is the best way for one of our Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultants to assess your profile and plan the best Immigration Strategy to start your Pathway to Canada.

By the end of our Initial Consultation, we will let you know the best ways to make Canada your home and give you options to make that dream a reality.

Book a consultation today and let us guide you through the process.


Why Choose Pathways Immigration Consultants?

Our team is expert in Canadian Immigration laws and regulations with complete knowledge of all programs out there to help make Canada your home.

Additionally, they are very detail-oriented, and understand the importance of making your Pathway to Canada successful.

Finally, all of our Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultants are LICENSED through the College of Immigration and Citizenship Consultants (CICC).


Frequently Asked Questions:

  • How long does a consultation last?
  • What can I expect from my Immigration Consultation?
  • Additional Frequently Asked Questions

You can book initial consultations from 60 minutes to 80 minutes.

During the meeting, our consultants will assess your profile and discuss what is the best pathway for you.

They will explain to you your options, the risks, and chances of success, providing you with the best strategy according to your end goal and profile.

Once we define the best option for you, we will explain the application process, what's the expected processing time and the costs involved.

We will then be able to answer your questions you may have at the time.

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