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Permanent Resident Canada

We can help you find the right study program for you.

Canada gives great importance on learning and has managed to develop a first level education system with very high international standards by allocating a large part of its budget to education.

Studies in Canada and proficiency in a second language are well appreciated in the world of business, in government and in academic circles around the world. On top of that, it can become your pathway to immigrate.

Study Program for adults

There are, Doctor's and Masters degrees, MBA and postgraduate programs and diplomas or certificates available to acquire, enhance or update your knowledge and skills in a field of your choice while gaining proficiency in one of the two official languages in Canada.

Study Programs for young adults

There are many diplomas or certificates available for young adults where they can obtain a diploma and work experience, improve their language skills and mature to continue their new stage in their adulthood upon their return. With this experience they will be better prepared to decide the next step in their education. The length of these programs is between 6 months to 2 years.

Study Programs for Minors

If your child wants to take a high school year in Canada, it will be a tremendous asset for their future and there are many options available. In the case of a parent already in Canada on a Study Permit or Work Permit, the child may qualify to study for free as long as the permit is valid.

English and French as a Second Language

If your objective is to master English or French as a second language, we can also offer the best schools for it.

Canada is considered a “Multicultural Society”. And every nationality is welcome here.